Women’s stories are not told.

Not as often nor as nuanced as those of men.

Women grace the covers of non-fashion magazines in disappointing numbers.

And the faces we see are seldom women’s when an expert weighs in on the day’s issues on TV.

Powerful monikers like “genius”, “futurist,” “maven” or “guru” are not reserved for women. Rarely are they used for people of color of any gender.

Human is a collective of some of the most brilliant minds, assembled with the singular goal to fix this.

Human exists to tell the stories we’re not telling.

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Rakia_headshot Rakia Reynolds, President, Skai Blue Media








Rachel Moreno, Brand Marketing & Creative Strategist, formerly Global Director at Spotify, Global Director of Marketing at Global Citizen






Maria Mahl

Maria Mähl, Senior Manager, Clinton Global Initiative







Joya Dass, TV Anchor, Chief-of-Staff, Self Madetumblr_inline_mz5f23P2pl1rz1jbt







jovanka mona lisa smile_squared

Jovanka Ciares, Wellness Expert, Founder of the Wellness Smackdown™ 







Sheena Allen, Founder and CEO, HouseBoxxSheena Allen







Joy Gorman Wettels, Producer, Anonymous Content




Monica HaimMonica Haim, Editor-in-Chief, Self-Made, Content Director at Mamiverse, Writer/Producer/Director at Awake Zion






Kathryn Kolbert, Constance Hess Williams ’66 Director, Athena Center for Leadership Studies, Barnard College






Denielle Sachs, Managing Director, The Tembo GroupSachs_ProfilePhoto_HuffPo 2







tanya mallot

Tanya Malott, Photographer & Artist, Tanya Malott







Bianca Caban, Managing Partner, Taino Capital LLCi (x) women headshot